Permitless Concealed Carry

BREAKING:  Exciting news, all.  We are thrilled to announce that we defeated ALL versions of Permitless Carry in the Louisiana Legislature this week!  House Bills 4 and 6 were involuntarily deferred, which effectively ends their run this year, and Senate Bill 46 was voluntarily deferred.  That means that SB46 could come back this session.  We are closely monitoring Senate Judiciary B schedules and will let you know if it rears its ugly head again.


We’re facing a very serious attack to public safety at the hands of the gun lobby and we NEED your HELP!

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The Louisiana legislature has introduced Permitless Carry in three separate forms.

Permitless Carry is one of the gun lobby’s biggest priorities around the country and we’ve seen it slip in under the radar all over the place.

To be clear, these bills would dismantle the current concealed carry permitting system that does things like ensure applicants don’t have a history of violence, haven’t been adjudicated for mental health reasons, and don’t suffer from drug or alcohol addictions. Permitless Carry would also dismantle the safety training requirement AND, in the case of one of the introduced House bills, the age minimum, meaning anyone over 17 could carry a loaded, hidden gun.

If Permitless Carry passes, dangerous people will be able to carry loaded, concealed guns in public with NO training whatsoever.

Law enforcement won’t be able to tell the good guys from the bad- and neither will you.

But wait, IT GETS WORSE. Should one of these three Permitless Carry versions, HB4, pass, it would go up for vote in November to be enshrined in the Louisiana Constitution, where it would be virtually untouchable.

  • House Bill 4. Dismantles the permitting system including the age requirement. Would allow Permitless Carry the opportunity to be a Constitutional Amendment.
  • House Bill 6. Dismantles the permitting system, but keeps the 21+age requirement. Would become law, not an Amendment.
  • Senate Bill 46.Senate version of HB6. Dismantles the permitting system, but keeps the 21+age requirement. Would become law, not an Amendment.

We are expecting a hearing on Permitless Carry as early as April 14. This is where you come in. You can help in the following ways:

1. Sign our petition! I’ll be delivering this to legislators so your voice will be heard!

2. Call your legislator! Here is a link with a list of lawmakers on the Administration of Criminal Justice Committee, along with a helpful script.

3. Help us organize! We will need folks to testify, call their local law enforecement, run social media, and everything else you can imagine. Be a part of the momentum. Ask me how!


We deserve better.

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