Enhanced Concealed Carry

BREAKING: Great news, all!  LVRC soundly defeated HB315 last week.  We are honored to be a part of making Louisiana safer.  Thanks to everyone for your support.


With their new plan to get guns into sensitive places, the Gun Lobby proves that it can be just like a bad episode of Law and Order:  Tragedy ripped straight from the headlines… then twisted to fit their already dangerous agenda.


AME for site

The shooting at Mother Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC last year was devastating.  And while we’ll never stop violence completely, it is imperative that we do our best to prevent every single act of depravity that we can.  Unfortunately, the Charleston shooting is a prime example of the gun lobby’s systematic destruction of laws meant to protect Americans and the dire consequences.

So after the horrible deaths of nine worshipers, did the gun lobby change?  After America was torn apart by news of the massacre and by the months of upheaval that followed, did the gun lobby go silent with shame?  After the SEVENTY mass shootings that have happened since Charleston, has the gun lobby finally decided to put lives over profits?


What they’ve done instead is double down on the dangerous rhetoric, actually using murders like those in Charleston as a backdrop for legislation that would make specific places in our state even more deadly.

And from such callousness, Enhanced Concealed Carry was born.

This bill would effectively deputize regular citizens and give them the ability to carry loaded, hidden guns as if they were highly trained police officers.  That means that they could then carry into SCHOOLS, CHURCHES and BARS.

Yes, SCHOOLS.  Yes, that means college campuses and K-12 schools alike.

From our friends at Everytown for Gun Safety:

HB 315 would allow guns in bars and at frat parties—despite ample evidence of the danger of mixing guns and alcohol. 

  • Half of U.S. college students binge drink or abuse illegal or prescription drugs.
  • Consuming alcohol leads to impaired judgment about whether to shoot a gun, as well as impaired aim when firing.
  • Alcohol intoxication is directly linked to aggressive behavior.  It inhibits cognitive functioning and problem-solving abilities and increases the likelihood of risk-taking.
  •  Nearly half of homicide offenders were under the influence of alcohol at the time of the homicide.  And heavy drinkers are more than twice as likely to be shot as nondrinkers.

There is strong opposition to guns on campus and in bars. 


  • 93% of Americans think people should not be allowed to bring guns into bars.

College Campuses:

  • College Presidents and Faculty: 95% of college presidents and 94% of college faculty oppose guns on campus.
  • Campus Police Chiefs: Only 5% of university police chiefs think that allowing students to carry on campus would prevent any shootings.  Meanwhile, 89% agree that best way to deal with gun use on campus is to prevent the use of guns at all.


We simply cannot put Louisiana at risk because the gun lobby refuses to take responsibility for its actions.

We must stop Enhanced Carry NOW.

We deserve better.