The Department of Justice recently released the ATF Firearms Trace Report of 2015. This report is created in order to track the possession and sale of specific firearms. This year’s report for Louisiana contained some shocking statistics, from which some very interesting conclusions can be drawn. Almost 8,000 firearms were recovered and traced in Louisiana in 2015, with the majority of these weapons being pistols and revolvers. Expectedly, the bulk of these weapons were recovered in New Orleans, with Baton Rouge falling closely behind.

The mass majority, being 80%, of these firearms were sourced from Louisiana itself. Now, this statistic alone may not hold much significance. But, what we must keep in mind is that Louisiana has some of the laxest gun laws in the nation. Now, you may ask does regulation really matter in this case? Well, all the numbers point to yes. In states with heavier regulation, such as Massachusetts, less than half of the weapons traced originated instate. Thus, supporting the idea that stronger regulation does in fact limit the number of firearms sourced from a state. To even further the point we must note that Massachusetts is among the five states with the lowest gun death rates, while Louisiana holds the number two spot.