Our entire city was heartbroken at the news of Saints Superbowl Champion Will Smith’s senseless murder.

Here at LVRC we work in the trenches of gun violence every day.  Some of us have lost friends, some of us have been terrorized in our own neighborhoods by gun violence.  But this one was so big, so brazen and so unexpected that even we knew we had to act.

The LA Legislature has spent decades doing the dangerous bidding of the gun lobby.  We could analyze any one of their bad decisions and trace their effects to the moment that Will Smith and his wife Racquel were shot.  But instead of focusing on the darkness, we’ve decided to introduce some light.



We are please to announce a partnership with Trinity Christian Community of New Orleans. 

Trinity Christian Community, Inc. is committed to empowering youth through leadership and spiritual development, educational support and community outreach in the Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans.

LVRC and TCC believe that investing in youth and giving them the skills they need to be leaders in their own communities is the key to preventing violence.

We can’t wait to see how this partnership develops.  Stay tuned for exciting events.

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